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  中医药膳 Herbal Tea  


Models of the body :

Yin or Yang
 Five elements
Zang Fu theory 
Meridian (Chinese medicine)
Three jiaos


Treatment :

Chinese herbal medicine(中藥)

Acupuncture (針灸) & Moxibustion   
Die-da or Tieh Ta (跌打)  
Chinese food therapy (食療)  
Tui na (推拿) - massage therapy  
Qigong (氣功)& related meditation exercise  
Physical exercise
Mental health therapy (e.g Feng shui (風水) and Chinese astrology  

50 fundamental Herbs


Choy's Herb Inc.
at the heart of Seattle Chinatown

316 Maynard Ave. So #106
Seattle, WA 98104
(Corner of Maynard & Jackson )
( See Map  )

(206) 624-8341

Free Consultation

by Mail 
P.O. Box 3461
Seattle, WA 98114

Dr  Choy  :- Over 50 Years Experience in Chinese Herb Medicine

Chinese Herb  Specialist can help you overcome health problems such as : Sinus headache, Back pain, discomfort in urination, feminine trouble, Herpes, Shingles, Candida, Skin/ Digestion problem, General weakness and other ailments. Consult Dr. Choy.  Free Consultation

See Newspaper Article about Dr Choy

Articles : by patients




Dr Choy at his clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine was originally developed over 5000 years ago in a pre-scientific era. The ancient Taoists believed that one should live in accordance with nature in order to achieve longevity and personal fulfillment. They believe that the human body is a microcosm of nature. The same forces that create the cycles of the natural world also influence the human body.

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